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Course Descriptions

English Department
English I 
English I (Honors) 
English II
English II (Honors) 
English III
English III (Honors)
English III (DE) 
English IV 
English IV (DE) 
Publications I: (Yearbook) 
Publications II/III: (Yearbook) 
Fine Arts Department
Art I 
Communications (DE)
Fine Arts Survey
Fine Arts Survey (DE)
Theatre I, Theatre II, Advanced Theatre
Interpersonal Communications
Foreign Language Department
French I 
French II
French II (DE)
Spanish I 
Spanish II 
Spanish III (DE)
Mathematics Department
Algebra I 
Algebra I (Honors) 
Geometry (Honors) 
Algebra II 
Algebra II (Honors) 
Advanced Math I/Precalculus
Advanced Math I/Precalculus (Honors)
Advanced Math II (DE)
Financial Mathematics 
Advanced Math II/Functions & Statistics (Honors)
Calculus (Honors) 
Calculus (DE)
Calculus/Trig (DE)
Physical Education Department
Health & P.E. I 
Athletic Physical Education and Health I 
Athletic Physical Education II/III/IV
Introduction to Sports Medicine 
Science Department
Physical Science
Physical Science (Honors) 
Biology I
Biology I (Honors) 
Chemistry (Honors) 
Chemistry (DE)
Biology II 
Biology II (Honors) 
Human Anatomy and Physiology (DE)
Physics (Honors)
Environmental Science
Social Studies Department
World Geography
World Geography (Honors)
Civics (Honors)
U.S. History
U.S. History (Honors) 
U.S. History (DE)
World History
World History (DE)
Psychology (DE)
Sociology (DE)
United States in the 21st Century
Religious Studies
Religious Studies I - 9th Grade
Religious Studies II - 10th Grade
Religious Studies III - 11th Grade
Religious Studies IV - 12th Grade
Campus Ministry - 12th Grade

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