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For those families who are interested in information and/or receiving an application form regarding the federal program for free or reduced lunch, packets are available in the front office lobby or through our Cafeteria Manager, Mrs. Connie Pitre. 
Further information regarding this lunch program can be obtained through Mrs. Connie Pitre at 337.232.8861 or email:  A reminder that cafeteria payments can be made or handled online for a small fee at 

Click here for the Food and Nutrition Services website.

USDA approves Free Meals for Students

Teurlings Catholic operates its cafeteria under the direction of the Diocesan School Food Service. Meal tickets may be purchased from the Cafeteria Manager.  Teurlings Catholic High School's School Nutrition Program is computerized.  Each student enrolled in the school will be given a food service identification (ID) number.  This will be your food service ID number as long as you attend Teurlings Catholic High School.
Prior to, or on the first day of school, students who plan to eat in the cafeteria should establish a food service account, i.e., prepay money into the account just as if they were purchasing a meal ticket.  It is suggested that students prepay for 20 days ($30) as if a monthly meal ticket were being purchased.  After the account has been established, students may make daily purchases in the cafeteria against their account displaying their ID card.
Students may use their food service account to purchase a federally subsidized lunch or, with parental permission, use the account to also purchase "extra servings" such as second entrees/sandwiches, french fries, juice, ice cream, etc.  Parents who do not want their child to use the food service account for these "extras” should notify the school's cafeteria Manager so that your child's computer file can be flagged to prevent him or her from using the account to purchase food other than the federally subsidized lunch.
It is important for students and parents to understand that students who “borrow” another student's cafeteria ID number will be disciplined.  It does not matter if the student has permission from the other student.  In addition to the ID numbers being used to debit an account, the numbers also are used to generate a monthly federal meal claim for reimbursement, i.e., some students are approved for free or reduced price meals, based on family income.
                The following policies will be in effect for those students who elect to bring their lunch to school:
                1). Lunch boxes must be of the size to fit in a school locker.
                2). Lunches must be eaten outside the cafeteria. 
                3). Parents may not drop off lunches for students.
Go to for online cafeteria payments.


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