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Working with each student's academic program, Teurlings Catholic’s Department of Athletics seeks to make the Teurlings Catholic student a well-rounded individual.  To be eligible for participation in the school's vast athletic program, the student must pass at least six subjects which count toward graduation and must earn at least a “C” average in all subjects pursued.  Students who do not meet this minimum requirement cannot participate in Teurlings Catholic athletic competition.


Teurlings Catholic High School is a member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association and is classified as a 4-A school for athletic competition.  The school follows the rules and regulations of the LHSAA.  In addition, the school follows its own sportsmanship code that incorporates Catholic values into the athletic program.  All TCH student athletes are given copies of this code.  The TCH reputation in our community is one we can all take pride as fans and students continue to demonstrate Christian sportsmanship, patience, and fair play at all times. 
Athletic Philosophy
  • To develop in the athlete the quality of self-discipline needed for proper conduct, fair play and sportsmanship.To aid in the physical, mental, emotional and Christian growth of the athlete.
  • To develop qualities of leadership through a balance of cooperation with coaches and teammates and competition with opponents.
  • To instill in the athlete a realization that self-sacrifice, self-discipline, teamwork and effort are necessary for achievement.
  • To foster in the athlete a sense of pride in self, in the team and in the school.
  • To provide opportunities for the athlete to learn to be gracious in victory and to cope with defeat.
  • To provide an opportunity for the athlete to share experiences, ideas and emotions with others.
Lettering Policy

Students in good standing and who have met the individual sport requirements of two (2) years of participation are eligible to receive a letter.  The school does neither purchase nor issue letter jackets.  A student who loses their good standing may lose the letter awarded.  The athletic department reserves the right to monitor what patches may be worn in addition to the school letter.

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