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Department Head: Holly Tracy


The Fine Arts Department at Teurlings Catholic High School fosters an educational environment that encourages individual creativity, artistic growth and meaningful expression. The opportunities provided in the Art, Theatre and Fine Art Survey classes allow the students to express their ideas and abilities in a number of mediums. Students are also encouraged to develop creative problem solving skills by integrating the cultural, conceptual, and historical issues studied in the classroom.


Art I is an introduction to the basics of art techniques, processes, materials and terminology.  The focus of the course will be on the elements and principles of art design. Creative expression will be emphasized through two-dimensional works of art using media such as pencil, charcoal, pastels, paint and ink.  The students will be exposed to basic drawing, color theory, perspective drawing, portraits, printmaking and painting. Vocabulary and art history will be included with each unit. The cost per student for art supplies for the year is $50.
This course is designed to reinforce and enhance knowledge of the elements and principles of design through two and three-dimensional works of art.  The student is exposed to new media, techniques, and terminology. Creative expression will be emphasized through media such as paper, photography, wire, papier-mâché, plaster, clay, fibers, wood and metals as well as pencil, charcoal, pastels, and paint. A greater sensitivity and appreciation for art will be developed through art history and critiques.  Research of artists will be required. Students will maintain a daily sketchbook and develop a portfolio. The cost per student for art supplies for the year is $50.
*Prerequisite: Art I/Art II
This course will provide an introduction to a variety of fine arts including music, art, drama, and dance.  Students will be exposed to the major works in each category, as well as the history of the art form. Completion of the course meets the arts component of the TOPS program.
These courses are designed to explore the skills of public speaking.  The student will advance his/her knowledge in the areas of research, organization, and delivery of a presentation.  Students in the courses are expected to use this enhanced knowledge in work with the competitive speech team and school drama productions.  Students will explore, present, and compete in extemporaneous speaking, debate, interpretative readings, oratory, drama, and various other forms of public speaking, as well as the production aspects of drama.  Students in Theatre II or Advanced Theatre MUST participate in competitive speech. Teacher approval is required to schedule the courses. There may be expenses with competitive speech or the theatrical production.  A contract must be signed by the student and parent agreeing to the performance requirement of the class.
This course provides students with an introduction to theatre and acting. Topics covered include the basics of acting, character development, scene work, and technical theatre.  Participation in the one-act play for district and state rally is required. Completion of the course meets the arts component of the TOPS program.
This course provides an introduction to media production and technology. The course focuses on a variety of training in areas such as broadcasting, technical stage direction, computer journalism, and film production. Students will plan, design, and develop productions and projects while working in a collaborative environment.