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A. Prior to publication, all press releases, internet postings, and news articles must be reviewed by the Development Director.
B. Prior to publications and/or distribution of documents produced in the name of Teurlings Catholic High School, a copy must be      reviewed by the Development Director.  These include but are not limited to:
• Yearbook
• Newspaper
• Sports programs
• Special event programs, ads, banners
• Communications on TCHS Letterhead
• Mass e-mails from any TCHS address
• TCHS FaceBook and Website
• Other correspondence to the TCHS family
C. School Newsletter,  Emails, Internet postings, and other school associated communications
1. The parent weekly newsletter, REBELNATION NEWS, is posted  on the TCHS Website. Information may be suggested for inclusion of this publication but must be submitted in writing to Tiffany Parks by the deadline date.  Items received after deadline will be placed in the newsletter of the following week if applicable.
2. The Development Office must review all communications of mass distribution.  Once a copy has been approved and filed in the Development Office, they may be sent.
3. Mail-outs by individual groups of Teurlings Catholic High, e.g., Advisory Council, RABC, TASC, clubs, sports, classes, capital campaign, etc. are handled by that group.  A copy should be sent to the Development Office prior to distribution. 








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