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Anna Proctor
11th & 12th Grade Counselor
(337) 235-5711 Ext. 108
Dawn Aucoin
9th & 10th Grade Counselor
(337)235-5711 Ext. 114

The guidance services exist mutually with the instructional dimensions of education; however, these services place greater emphasis on the healthy development and well being of the individual.  The following assumptions are basic to the concept to guidance:
  1. Guidance is concerned with the total person.
  2. Guidance aims to increase the possibility for all individuals to develop their potentials to the fullest.
  3. Guidance is delivered through a team comprising administrators, teachers, counselors, parents and learners.  The goals of the guidance team are to assist students in:
• seeing themselves as important, significant individuals.
• dealing effectively as members of the family, the community, and the whole society.
• ensuring their physical and mental health.
• selecting an occupation in line with their interests and abilities.
• securing training necessary for their chosen vocation.
• engaging in pleasurable leisure time activities geared toward their interests.
Guidance helps individuals to reconcile their development with the environment in which they are growing to maturity.  The concerns of this service are with the total person and are directed toward optimizing the potential of the individual in light of factors in the social situation and environmental opportunities.  Guidance Department staff members provide a number of other important services for the student.  They evaluate his or her current progress in school and provide academic, vocational and college planning as well.  In addition, a college-admissions counselor works specifically with students who may qualify for college scholarships.  Students may seek this counselor’s help in completing college and scholarship applications and in meeting with college representatives.  The Guidance Department strives to work with parents and faculty members in helping the student in his or her maturation process.  The department sponsors workshops for parents and arranges conferences with them throughout the school year.  Thus the department will join the faculty and school administrators as “partners with parents” in understanding and assisting them in their own important task as educators.




If your student is struggling academically here are some extra tools to help get him/her back on track:  The Counseling Department can provide a private tutoring list when requested consisting of former teachers/college students/alumni who privately tutor in various subjects. Email Dawn Aucoin, at (9th & 10th grades) or Anna Proctor, at (11th & 12th grades).

Teachers often tutor their students for additional help. The teacher usually has scheduled days/times to meet with students. Email your child’s teacher to inquire about class tutoring.

The Lafayette Public Library offers FREE tutoring help. It is offered to all Louisiana students. You do not need a library card to use this service. The service includes: live academic tutoring from10:00 AM - midnight; submit an English paper or Math question for review; available practice quizzes for students to take; and offers test prep for ACT/SAT tests. For information on Homework Louisiana click here. For information for parents click here.
Hearts of Hope   
Hearts of Hope is a non-profit agency that responds daily to those affected by the trauma  
of sexual violence in our community by providing education, advocacy and  
empowerment services and programs.
Healing House  
Healing House is a non-profit agency focused on helping children through grief issues in a group atmosphere.


Senior Parent College Seminar (Early Fall)

Junior Parent College Seminar (Mid Fall) (powerpoint presentation coming soon)

Information for Student Athletes
NCAA Eligibility Center  

Scoir Checklist by Grade Level.pdf provided by SCOIR


CSS Profile

TOPS Core Curriculum

TOPS Calculator

LOSFA (Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance)

Scholarship information can be found in the College Handbook, Scoir Drive, College Websites. Visit with Mrs. Proctor for assistance.



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