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English Department

English I 
English I (Honors) 
English II
English II (Honors) 
English III
English III (DE) 
English IV 
English IV (DE) 
Publications I: (Yearbook) 
Publications II/III: (Yearbook) 

Fine Arts Department

Art I 
Fine Arts Survey
Theatre I, Advanced Theatre, Advanced Theatre II
Theatre I/Drama, Theatre II/Drama
Multimedia Productions

Foreign Language Department

French I 
French II
French II (DE)
Spanish I 
Spanish II 
Spanish III (Online DE)

Mathematics Department

Algebra I 
Algebra I (Honors) 
Geometry (Honors) 
Algebra II 
Algebra II (Honors) 
Advanced Math I/Precalculus
Advanced Math I/Precalculus (Honors)
Advanced Math II/Functions & Statistics (Honors)
Advanced Math II/Functions & Statistics (DE)
Calculus/Trigonometry (DE)

Physical Education Department

Health & P.E. I/II/III/IV
Athletic Health & P.E. I/II/III/IV
Introduction to Sports Medicine 

Science Department

Physical Science
Physical Science (Honors) 
Biology I
Biology I (Honors) 
Chemistry (Honors) 
Biology II 
Biology II (Honors) 
Biology II (DE)
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Physics (Honors)
Environmental Science
Cyber Literacy/Robotics

Social Studies Department

World Geography
World Geography (Honors)
Civics (Honors)
U.S. History
U.S. History (DE)
World History
World History (DE)

Religious Studies

Religious Studies I - 9th Grade
Religious Studies II - 10th Grade
Religious Studies III - 11th Grade
Religious Studies IV - 12th Grade
Campus Ministry - 12th Grade

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