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STUDENT Tech Request Form

As students may face technology issues, we’ve created a STUDENT Tech Request Form for students to reach out to the TCHS Technology Department (Mrs. Leslie and Mr. Dexter) for assistance.  Click here to submit a request!


For the 2020-2021 school year, all TCHS students will be issued a school-owned chromebook with a carrying case, at no additional cost, to use as a precautionary safety measure until further notice.  Students will take this chromebook back and forth from home to avoid contamination of sharing devices.  In order to maintain a consistent learning environment for all students and to provide the best protection for Teurlings infrastructure and data, students are still not allowed to use their personal laptops/tablets during the school day.  In addition to the standard TCHS Technology Policy, the following measures must also be practiced by all students.
Students are expected to bring their school-issued chromebook FULLY CHARGED to school every day.
If a student forgets his/her chromebook at home or does not bring it to school fully charged, they must check out a loaner, which will be disinfected, from the Technology Office (Room 19).  Students are responsible for any damage to the borrowed device. Borrowed devices must be returned to the Technology Office by 2:35 p.m. that same day.  Failure to return a borrowed device will result in an additional discipline referral.
1st offense - warning
2nd offense - detention
3rd offense - half day  
4th offense - whole day 
5th offense - loss of chromebook privilege
Taking Care of Your Chromebook 
Students are responsible for the general care of the chromebook they have been issued by the school. Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly must be taken to the Technology Office (Room 19) as soon as possible for repairs. School-owned chromebooks should never be taken to an outside computer service for any type of repairs.
No food or drink should be next to chromebooks 
Do not place stickers or write on the chromebooks
Never place heavy objects on top of chromebooks (even inside a backpack)
Make sure there is nothing on the keyboard before closing the lid (pens, pencils, etc.)
Only clean the screen with a soft, dry microfiber cloth
Do not try to secure a key that has popped off - bring to tech office
Do not carry the chromebook by the screen
Never leave chromebooks unsecured
Always transport chromebooks with care, in the school-issued protective case 
Do not place anything in the protective case that will press against the cover
Do not pile backpacks (protective case) on top of one another or leave backpacks unprotected from the weather
Estimated Costs of parts and replacements: (subject to change)
Normal wear and tear on the devices is expected and issues will be handled with that in mind, however, damage to the devices due to improper handling/care or lost/stolen devices will be the responsibility of the student/parent.  Disciplinary action may also be applied if the action warrants.
chromebook replacement - $250.00 
chromebook screen replacement - $40.00 
chromebook keyboard/touchpad replacement - $55.00 
chromebook power cord - $30


Please note: Signing the Handbook Acknowledgement Form indicates the parent and student are in agreement with the Teurlings Catholic High School Acceptable Use and Technology Policies listed below. No student will be allowed to use any computer equipment on the campus without a current, signed acknowledgment form.

I. Teurlings Technology Policy for Students

  1. As TCHS is a 1:1 school, all students have access to a school owned computer in every classroom as well as in the library before school, during break and lunch, and after school. The use of personal computers or electronic devices are not allowed on campus during the school day. It is extremely important that students have access to a computer device and a printer at home to access online textbooks, online homework programs, collaborative group assignments, RenWeb and Google Classroom.
  2. Computers may only be used in the classroom and library under the direct supervision of the teacher.  Cameras and audio recorders may only be used under the direct supervision of a teacher. At no time should the student use any device for anything but an educational purpose under the direction of a faculty member. No student may open chat or social media programs on any computer or electronic devices on campus. Students may not play, download, or view games.
  3. Cell phones or personal devices, including wearable devices (ex: Apple watches, wireless headphones, and similar devices) that can store information, photos or provide internet connectivity are NOT allowed to be used or worn in the classroom during the school day.  Devices may be used before or after school only.  During the school day they must be turned off and may not be taken out of book bags.  Students may store turned off devices in their locker, book bag, or vehicle. They are not allowed to be carried in pockets or on their person.   Cell phone use is not permitted in locker rooms or restrooms. Students may be subject to search by a metal detector if suspected of having a cell phone on their person. 
  4. Students will be issued a TCHS username and password to access their TCHS Google account (Email, Google Drive, Google Classroom, etc.), RenWeb and login to TCHS computers.  This same username and password should be used for the student’s Turnitin account as well as any online textbook login.  Students should not share their passwords with other students.
  5. The G-Suite for Education & Additional Services Parent or Guardian Consent was previously signed during the online registration process.  Permission was given for Teurlings Catholic High School to create/maintain a G-Suite for Education student account and for Google to collect, use, and disclose information about students only for the purposes described for the duration of the student’s enrollment at Teurlings Catholic High School.
  6. Downloading, uploading, sending, saving, surfing, or accessing pornographic material on a school or personal device on campus is a serious violation of the safe schools policies of both Teurlings Catholic and the Diocese of Lafayette.
  7. The inappropriate use of the name Teurlings Catholic or any logo/symbol associated with Teurlings Catholic is strictly prohibited on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, blogs, or any Internet posting sites. This includes pictures of the student that may also be deemed inappropriate. It is the right of school officials to determine what is inappropriate.
  8. Students are prohibited from being a contact on a teacher or staff member’s social media site.
  9. Inappropriate pictures and inappropriate language either stated or implied, that may be offensive to or inflammatory of others or Teurlings Catholic, is strictly forbidden and it is the right of school officials to determine what is deemed inappropriate.
  10. Impersonation and/or anonymity is prohibited.
  11. Accessing any religious material on a state-owned computer is prohibited.
  12. Students may not alter in any way the screen appearance, screen-saver, controls, or any other management function of any Teurlings Catholic computer.
  13. Students may not play games on graphing calculators in any class. Calculators may not be used in class without teacher approval. Teachers have the right to check calculator memories at any time and to erase any material found in calculator memories. In addition to penalties for violation of the Technology policy, storing material in the memory of a calculator may also be considered a violation of the school’s policy on cheating.
  14. Browsing, deleting, adding to, or editing someone else’s work is a violation of the policy. 
  15. All student work should be stored on students Google Drive or personal flash drive and papers are submitted through (essays, research papers, etc.).
  16. Sharing information, chatting or messaging other students through TCHS applications are only allowed under the direct supervision of the teacher/faculty member.
  17. Wired headphones are only allowed with expressed approval from the teacher for educational purposes.
  18. Teurlings Catholic does not guarantee that its technology resources will be uninterrupted or error-free.  Access to the network is provided on an “as is” basis without warranties of any kind.  In the rare case that the network is down, neither Teurlings Catholic nor any of its employees will be responsible for lost or missing data.
  19. Information created, received, transmitted, stored, held, copied, viewed, read, attached to or printed using school or personal devices (including but not limited to cell phones, tablets, laptops) is NOT protected by an individual’s right to privacy. It is the right of the school to access, review and/or inspect all such information at its discretion, including disclosure to third parties when warranted.
  20. User activity on the TCHS network is monitored and logged.  Teachers also actively monitor student activity using remote student monitoring applications.  Teurlings Catholic utilizes a filtering system, however, the school cannot guarantee that access to all inappropriate sites will be blocked.  Students should notify a teacher if they accidentally access an inappropriate site.  Students should never use or transmit anything with racist, abusive, threatening, demeaning, slanderous, objectionable, sexually explicit or inflammatory content.
  21. Unacceptable conduct regarding technology use includes but is not limited to using rogue access points or cell phones as hot spots to avoid TCHS monitoring; downloading inappropriate materials, viruses or software; gaining unauthorized access anywhere on the network; misuse of the available network to bypass classroom management monitoring software; attempting to disable or circumvent the TCHS Internet content filter and firewall.
  22. Based on the rapid changes to technology, Teurlings Catholic reserves the right to revoke or modify technology policies or procedures at any time.

II. Student Email

The primary purpose of the Teurlings Catholic High School student electronic mail system is for students to communicate with school staff, outside resources related to school assignments, and fellow students to collaborate on school activities.  Email communication between TCHS school staff and students should be through the account only.
All student email accounts are the property of Teurlings Catholic High School. Email activities must comply with the Teurlings Acceptable Use Policy.  Use of the email system aligns with the school's code of conduct and the code will be used for discipline purposes. Communication through the school’s email system will exhibit common sense and civility.  Improper use of the system will result in discipline and possible revocation of the student email account. Illegal activities on the system will be referred to law enforcement authorities for appropriate legal action.
Account user names and passwords are created and monitored by the school’s Technology Director.  Students may not change their email password. Students should not share their passwords. Students are responsible for messages sent from their accounts. Teurlings Catholic High School cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of electronic documents, and any messages that are confidential should not be communicated over email. Unauthorized attempts to access another person’s email or similar electronic communications or to use another student’s name, email, or computer address or workstation to send email or similar electronic communications are prohibited and may subject the individual to disciplinary action.
Messages posted on the school's email system cannot cause disruption to the school environment or normal and acceptable school operations. Occasional and reasonable personal use of the school's email is permitted, outside of school hours, providing that this does not interfere with the performance of the electronic mail system or disrupt the operation of the school. Access to email at school is allowed only with expressed approval from the teacher.  Email can be checked from home or from school computers. 
Students will report any unusual activities such as "spam" communications, obscene emails, questionable content, and the like to the school's Technology Director. Students should not forward chain letters, jokes, or graphic files.
Teurlings Catholic High School reserves the right to access email to retrieve TCHS information and records, to engage in routine computer maintenance and housekeeping, to carry out internal investigations, to check Internet access history, or to disclose messages, data or files to law enforcement authorities.
The student will be removed from the system upon graduation from Teurlings Catholic or upon withdrawal from the school; therefore, students should use personal email accounts for all college and scholarship correspondence.

III. Student Copier/Printer

Students have access to a UniFLOW Student Copier/Printer in the library.  Students are able to send print jobs from their classroom chromebooks or even from their home computer when logged in to their Google account.  Students have a limit of 130 copies/prints available to them at no cost but can purchase additional copies/prints if needed ($1 = 130 more).  More information on the student copier/printer will be discussed at student orientation.

IV. Consequences for Violations of the Teurlings Catholic Technology Policy for Students

Violations of the policy will be dealt with individually and may result in suspension and/or expulsion from school.  Penalties for these actions are listed in the Discipline section of this handbook.
If warranted, academic penalties may also apply.
If there are any questions about the policy or consequences, please contact Academic Assistant Principal Lauren Jeffrey (Ext. 233), Disciplinary Assistant Principal Jed Hebert (Ext. 102), or Technology Director Leslie Bergeron (Ext. 220).

V. Remedies and Recourse

Anyone accused of any of the violations has all of the rights that would normally apply if such people were accused of school vandalism or any other illegal activity. Teurlings Catholic has the right to restrict or terminate information network access at any time for any reason. The school further has the right to monitor network activity in any form that it sees fit to maintain the integrity of the information network.
Student/parent is responsible for any monetary damages caused to Teurlings Catholic equipment or the network by the student’s actions.

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