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Rationale:  A policy for solicitation is necessary so that efficient records are maintained and donors are properly acknowledged. It is the responsibility of the Office of Advancement to coordinate all fund raising efforts and donor solicitations.  Prior to any fund raising transactions, all persons and organizations that solicit in the name of Teurlings Catholic High School must complete a fund raising project proposal and receive approval from the Office of Advancement.  The Office of Advancement and Principal reserve the right to limit or refuse a proposed solicitation.
Policy:  The Teurlings Catholic High School Solicitation Policy is as follows:
1. No individual or business is to be solicited without prior concurrence with the Office of Advancement.
2. Solicited funds must be targeted to a specific project or event that has received the prior approval of the Office of Advancement.
3. Restricted donations must be applied to the area or project specified by the donor unless the donor is contacted by the Office of Advancement and such permission is granted.
4. Under no circumstances may the solicitor promise or guarantee any specific returns or favors for the donor's contribution.
5. All donors should receive a written acknowledgment for their contribution from solicitor within fifteen (15) days of receipt.  A copy of the letter/note must be filed in the Office of Advancement on the day that it is mailed. The Office of Advancement sends an IRS acknowledgment in substantial compliance of IRS Code Section 170(f)(8)(B) from the school.
6. The Office of Advancement will publicize all gifts in the school’s newsletter and annual report.
7. In order to maintain a permanent record of donor history, the following information must be provided to the Office of Advancement:
A.  Name and address of donor
B.  Amount/Value of donation (if applicable, indicate type of in-kind service or item.)
C.  Project or campaign in which the donation was made 
D.  Date of the donation
E.  Solicitor's name
8. In-kind donations, or gifts of property, which might incur additional expenses, must receive approval and permission from the Office of Advancement, Principal and Pastor Board prior to any transaction.





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