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ISN - Individual Student Needs Program

Within the beliefs statement of Teurlings Catholic High School, it is written, “Teurlings Catholic will assist students in discovering and developing their talents by providing a variety of instructional approaches that support their learning and a multitude of assessment opportunities that demonstrate their achievement and mastery of skills and information.”

Ideally, Teurlings Catholic High School would admit every child who seeks a Catholic education. Realistically, we cannot be all things to all people.  Teurlings Catholic is a college preparatory high school.  We are able to make accommodations (the information or amount of information taught is not changed). On the other hand, we cannot make modifications (the work format or amount of work required of a student is changed or reduced).

By the time most students reach the high school level of their education and are applying to attend Teurlings Catholic, they have already been evaluated by an educational diagnostician, psychologist, speech/language pathologist, reading specialist, or other educators in the field of learning. Applications are examined before a student is accepted for enrollment.  Special needs must be declared on the enrollment application for assessment.  There are instances when TCHS cannot accommodate the educational needs of a child.

The Individual Student Needs Program at Teurlings Catholic High School is of limited scope based on a college preparatory schedule of classes and not a special education curriculum. Students must have a recent (no older than three years) professional assessment on file at TCH in order to qualify for the program. 

We are able to offer several individualized intervention techniques such as: 
--Time extensions for tests
--Small group testing environment
--Enlargement of fonts on reading materials, tests, study guides, etc.
--Preferential seating in the classroom

To receive accommodations through this program, please specify on the “Special Needs” section of the on-line application and upload the required documentation. 

For any questions, contact Individual Student Needs Director, Ms. Lauren Schomaker, or 337-235-5711 Ext. 233.