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Our Rebel Heart Blog is a place where our Teurlings School Community can grow deeper in their understanding of our faith. Students, teachers, and other members of our community will post here each week about their personal encounters with Christ that have taken place both on and off campus. We invite you to follow along as we continue to grow in love of the Lord and as we strive to channel His Spirit for the glory of God.   

FINAL BLOG FOR 21/22 - MAY 27, 2022


Written by: Tonia Cormier, TCHS Parent

“If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in.” - Mother Teresa

Sacred silence, explainable peace, the gift of the adoration Chapel. Over the past four years, this has become my favorite place on campus. It is the heart of our school. Within these walls I've encountered the sweetest smiles, the brokenhearted, and even gotten that rare hug from someone who needed a little love that day. You have all been prayed for!
As I gaze upon the cross in our Chapel, the faint shadow always appears of Jesus holding a heart. I've reflected on this many times, how fitting it is and often wondered, “Has anyone else noticed it?“ The door to the Chapel is always open. Go in and let Jesus pour out his unconditional love upon you. Bring to him your joys, sorrows and worries; He holds the peace your heart desires right there in his hands.
Our family walked through the doors of TCHS four years ago not knowing many people, and we will walk out with the gift of life-long, faith-filled relationships. Thank you to the administration and staff for providing a loving and safe space for our family.
In serving here over the past years, I have seen the highs and lows of COVID! I've witnessed first hand what it means to have a Rebel heart, how to dig in and get rooted in Christ. Watching the staff and families work together to keep a faithful, loving family atmosphere on campus over this time has been quite a joy. The Rebel spirit is ALIVE and fueled by the Holy Spirit and love. Keep it going!
Enjoy all that is offered to you, take the steps that God is laying before you. With each yes you are getting closer to Jesus and the authentic person that God has intended you to be.
My message I would like to leave behind is: Live an intentional life rooted in Christ. Live with the peace of Jesus in your heart, and spread joy and light wherever you go.