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Our Rebel Heart Blog is a place where our Teurlings School Community can grow deeper in their understanding of our faith. Students, teachers, and other members of our community will post here each week about their personal encounters with Christ that have taken place both on and off campus. We invite you to follow along as we continue to grow in love of the Lord and as we strive to channel His Spirit for the glory of God.   

BLOG 12 - JANUARY 14, 2022



Written by: Emily Angelle, Class of 2020 

Recently, a group of other TCHS campus ministry alumni, along with myself, planned a day of reflection and recharging for the campus ministry class. I think I speak on behalf of everyone who helped when I say it was amazing to be with this group of young adults and help refuel them for their wonderful ministry on campus. 
As I reflect on the day I spent with this class, I’m reminded of the years I spent at Teurlings and just how powerful it’s ministry was for me. Even just a few years out of high school, I look back and I’m beyond grateful for how I got to where I am now. Without a doubt, TCHS campus ministry is the reason for my faith life today and for the zeal I have in my own ministry endeavors.
Behind everything that happens on campus is a group of faculty, staff, and upperclassmen with a specific mission in their hearts - to show students what it means to live as sons and daughters of the Lord. I think we can all agree high school is where you find yourself; it’s where you figure out who you are and how you fit into this world. The people at Teurlings know this, and they set out to make sure every student leaves knowing how loved they are by the Lord and equipped to live as His children wherever life leads them. I know this is the reason my time as a student here was so impactful. I walked onto campus not knowing who I was or where I was going, and I left as a strong and confident daughter of the Lord, ready to go wherever He leads me. Without the army of faculty and staff praying for me, loving me, and guiding me to Christ in all things, I’m not sure where I would be today. 
As an underclassman, I remember being excited about the faith during retreats and other events hosted by the retreat team and campus ministry class. They invited me into an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and I was moved to get involved in these ministry organizations. As a part of the campus ministry club, retreat team, and later in the campus ministry class, I was taught how to invite others to this same encounter. The religion and ministry departments showed me what it looks like to live as a child of the Lord and taught me how to show this to those I was ministering. After graduation, I was confident I would be ready to serve Him and those around me, wherever the Lord led me. This is the reason I was able to return to help host the retreat for this year's campus ministry class. Like so many other alumni, I was able to give back to Teurlings because of the ministry they provided to me during my time as a student. TCHS didn’t just give me a Catholic curriculum, it helped form me into an active member of Christ’s body in the Church. This is why the ministry here is so powerful - because they don’t just teach you about being Catholic, they show you how to love being Catholic. 
At their retreat, the campus ministry class told me the theme for the year is “Be Not Afraid.” To all the students and parents, I invite you to take this to heart and get involved! Students, go to a rebel revival, sign up for a ministry club, talk to a member of the campus ministry class. From just the short day I was able to spend on retreat with them, I know the campus ministry class is prepared and excited to lead you to Christ. Parents, look into Rebel Roots, go to school Masses and Friday morning rosaries. Your time at Teurlings doesn’t have to end in the car drop off line - you are also invited to encounter the Lord on campus! Don’t be afraid to branch out and take advantage of the amazing resources at your disposal. From someone whose life was forever changed by it, I promise the ministry at TCHS is worth the investment. The Holy Spirit is alive and moving at Teurlings, all you need to do is take the leap and trust the Lord will change you for the better. 
God Bless and Go Rebels!