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Cross Country


Head Coach: Mrs. Pilar Burson 
Girls State Champions 1983, 1985, 1986 State Runners-up 1987
Boys State Champion 1985 State Runners-up 1974, 1986, 1987

With varsity, junior varsity and freshmen squads, the cross country team begins practice in early August.  The season concludes with the state championship in November. One reward of cross country running is a solid conditioning base for the spring track and field season.  Cross country is open to all students.



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2017 Rebel 2 Mile Challenge & RUN FOR A CURE


2017 TCH Cross Country Schedule




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2017-2018 TCH Cross Country Roster

Alexandra Broussard
 Aubriel Dauterive
 Bailee Ledet
 Blake McKee
 Caroline Staples
 Colin Benoit
 Gavin Broussard
 Katherine Bryant
 Madison Baudoin
 Morgan Judice
 Nicholas LeBlanc
 Stephani Griechen
 Sydney Zeringue




Abby Robertson
 Alexander Bartee
 Alyssa Savant
 Brennan Broussard
 Caden Ortego
 Evan Hernandez
 Hayden Theriot
 Joseph Houston
 Madisyn Jean
 Mary Cramer
 Michael Eddy
 Peter Harris
 Regan Gautreau
 Reid Breaux
 Saylor Brasseaux
 Sophia Gabriel
 Sydney Richard
 Tess Prejean
 Zachary Thibodeaux


Abby Leger
Benjamin Thompson
Cameron Petry
Camille Comeaux
Caroline Villemarette
Claire Thibodeaux
Emily Angelle
Emma Champagne
Georgie Harris
Isaac Brunet
Jordan Grider
Madison Stickley
Richard Journet
Samantha Kelly
Zach Thibodeaux
Zoe Toups
Carly Broussard
Chapin Stewart
Elly Scrantz
Macy Hernandez
Maggie Marceaux
Olivia Coston
Omaree Peltier
Savannah Guidry
Sydney Grider
Virginia Broussard






Boys Cross Country

Nick Leblanc

Latest Results


Saturday, September 2, 2018 - Catholic High Meet held at Acadiana Park.   Girls varsity team placed 2nd overall and the boys placed 3rd overall.  Top 3 mile runners included Freshmen Olivia Colston (5th overall) and Savannah Guidry, and Sophomore Alyssa Savant.   Top boys 3 mile runners included Chris Booker, Joe Houston, and Sophmore Zach Thibodeaux.   Top 2 mile runners included Carly Broussard, Abby Robertson, and Morgan Judice. The top boys 2 mile runners were Richard Journet, Broc Griggs, and Chapin Stewart.

Saturday, September 16, 2018 - Congratulations to Chris Booker who placed 13th overall in the LSU Cross Country 5k invitational.  Also to the boys team who placed 8th out of 21 teams.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - Rebel 2 Mile meet - Congratulations to Peter Harris who placed 1st in the Rebel 2 mile cross country meet yesterday. Other top boys finishers included Gavin Broussard and Michael Eddy. Our top girl finishers were Savannah Guidry, Macy Hernandez, and Ginny Broussard. Personal best  2 mile times for this year were run by Savannah Guidry, Macy HErnandez, Ginny Broussard, Isabelle Richard, Hayden Theriot, Zoe Toups, Samantha Kelly, Tess Prejean, Maggie Marceaux, Stephanie Griechen, Abby Leger, Emma Champagne, Elly Scrantz, Sydney Zeringue, Regan Gautreau, Madison Stickley, Caroline Villamarette, Peter Harris, Gavin Broussard, Michael Eddy, Jaxson Trosclair, Chapin Stewart, Alex Bartee, Jordan Grider, Ben Thompson, and Noah Garza.

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - The Rebel Cross Country team went Into battle in Zachary, LA at the Battlefield Cross Country Classic.  Boys 3 mile team finished 5th of 23 teams led by Chris Booker who placed 21st out 227 male runners.  Other top boys included Reid Breaux and Joe Houston. The girls 3 mile team finished up 13th overall and were led by freshman Carly Broussard and juniors Sydney Richard and Madisyn Jean. Personal best 3 mile times were turned in by Chris Booker, Colin Benoit, Carly Broussard, Savannah Guidry, and Ginny Broussard. Personal Best 2 mile times were run by Abby Robertson, Zoe Toups, Samantha Kelly, Emma Champagne, Abby Leger, Noah Garza, Richard Journet, and Isaac Brunet.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - Rebel 2 Mile Challenge at Acadiana Park - Top 10 finishers were Alyssa Savant, Isabelle Richard, Sydney Richard, and Peter Harris.  Personal best 2 mile times were run by Peter Harris, Broc Griggs, Chapin Stewart, Alex Bartee, Jordan Grider, David Lemaire,Isabelle, Ginny, Abby Leger, Tess Prejean, Sophia Gabriel, Cameron Petry, Aubriel Dauterive, Mary Cramer, Sydney Zeringue, Sydney Grider, and Omaree Peltier

Saturday, September 30, 2017 - ESA in Cade, LA
Boys 3 mile team runners placed 3rd overall out of 20 schools. Top 15 placements out of 105 runners went to Chris Booker and Joe Houston.
Girls 3 mile team runners finished 6th overall. Top runners were Olivia Coston and Alyssa Savant.
Both the girls and boys 2 mile teams placed 1st overall.
Personal best times in the 3 mile were run by Chris Booker, Joe Houston, Reid Breaux, Zach Thiboeaux (sophomore), Michael Eddy, Colin Benoit, Alex Bartee, Olivia Coston, Carly Broussard, Isabelle Richard, Ginny Broussard, Caroline Staples, Macy Hernandez, Morgan Judice, and Emily Angelle.
Personal best times in the 2 mile were run by Richard Journet, Broc Griggs, Connor Benoit, Chapin Stewart, Jordan Grider, David Lemaire, Noah Garza, Isaac Brunet, Abby Robertson, Zoe Toups, Maggie Marceaux, Hayden Theriot, Abby Leger, Emma Champagne, Stephanie Greichen, Caroline Villamarette, Elly Scrantz, Mary Cramer, Aubriel Dauterieve, Sydney Zeringue
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 2 Mile Challenge at Acadian Park
Top finishers were Michael Eddy (2nd place), Broc Griggs (5th), Conor Benoit (9th), Sam Kelly (4th), Isabelle Richard (6th), Ginny Broussard (8th)
Personal best 2 mile times were run by Michael Eddy, Alex Bartee, Jaxson Trosclair, Noah Garza, Isaac Brunet, Ginny Broussard, Abby Leger, Madison Stickley, Syney Grider, and Omaree Peltier

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - Acadian Park - Top finishers for the boys 2 mile were Peter Harris, Michael Eddy, and Zach Thibdodeaux (sophomore) and each of these ran their personal best times. Top girls finishers were Sydney Richard, Carly Broussard, and Ginny Broussard.  Other Personal best times were run by Carly Broussard, Abby Leger, Madisyn Jean, Macy Hernandez. Emma Champagne, Stephanie Griechen, Tess Prejean. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017 -TCH hosted the Run for A Cure - Top 3 mile finishers were Joe Houston, Reid Breaux, Gavin Broussard, Sydney Richard, Carly Broussard, and Samantha Kelly.  Personal best 3 mile times were run by Abby Robertson, Carly Broussard, Michael Eddy, and Collin Benoit.  Personal best 2 mile times were run by Chapin Stewart, Noah Garza, Isaac Brunet, Emma Champagne, Abby Leger, Zoe Toups, Stephanie Griechen, Tess Prejean, Sophia Gabriel, Sydney Zeringue, Sydney Grider, Omaree Peltier, Madison Stickley

Saturday, October 21, 2017 - Tom Nolan Memorial race.Top finishers were Joe Houston, Gavin Broussard, Reid Breaux, Sydney Richard, Samantha Kelly, Carly Broussard.  Personal best 3 mile times were run by Samantha Kelly, Emily Angelle, Abby Robertson, Michael Eddy, Zach Thibodeaux, Richard Journet, Chapin Stewart, Broc Griggs

TCH Run for the Cure

October 14, 2017

District Meet - Congratulations to the girls cross country for finishing District Runners up in yesterday's meet.  Boys team finished 3rd overall.  Top 10 finishers were Olivia Coston, Chris Booker, and Joe Houston.  Personal best times were run by Richard Journet, Colin Benoit, Broc Griggs, Jaxson Trosclair, Olivia Coston, Carly Broussard, Ginny Broussard, Savannah Guidry, and Zoe Toups.