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Uniform Policy

Click here for a printable copy of the 2016-2017 Uniform Policy and TCH Uniform Vendors.
Click here for a printable copy of the 2017-2018 Uniform Policy and TCH Uniform Vendors.


Pride in one’s appearance is considered, by Teurlings Catholic High School, to be an essential mark of a mature person.  It is expected, therefore, that each student will reflect that pride by consistently manifesting a respectable and appropriate appearance in matters of personal hygiene and dress.  In order to fulfill the objectives stated in the school philosophy, particularly with regard to promoting those skills and graces needed to act responsibly and successfully in adult society, the school has established a code of dress and appearance conducive to a serious scholastic and values-oriented environment.
Free Dress Days
At various times throughout the school year students are allowed to wear attire to school other than the regular school uniforms. Occasionally, the entire student body is afforded this “perk” and at other times individual classes (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors) or team/club groups (i.e. Rally Team, Beta, etc.) are allowed this “perk.”
The following guidelines govern special dress days:
Jean Day: a jean day is more commonly given as a reward for something accomplished, good deeds, or at the discretion of the administration. Any kind of a TCH shirt, jeans, and any shoe (not rubber boots, waders, hip boots, etc.). Outerwear, as well as other clothing or shoe articles, cannot be hooded or camouflage. All jeans must be free of holes and tears and must be full-length.
Sweats Day: a “sweats day” is usually given when weather is predicted to be extremely rainy, cold and/or “nasty”. On those days an appropriate sweat shirt, sweat pants, wind pants (not pajama or flannel pants) and any shoe (not hip boots, waders, etc.). Rubber boots (calf height) are allowed. Outwear, as well as other clothing or shoe articles, cannot be hooded or camouflage.
Special Dress Day: a special dress day is generally associated with a campus activity (spring pictures, Senior Mass, etc.) when students are allowed to wear dress or casual attire. Students must keep in mind neatness and modesty. Dresses shorter than 3 inches above the top of the kneecap are not allowed. The administration reserves the right to determine if the student meets the standards of the school day and events.  If a student is not appropriately dressed, he or she will be sent home to change, and it will be considered an unexcused absence for the classes missed.

General Uniform Requirements for Boys and Girls 

• Students are NOT allowed to wear any jacket or sweatshirt without a TCH crest or logo on it and all uniform items must be from one of our uniform vendors or issued by an approved Teurlings Catholic athletic or extracurricular program.  
• Pants or slacks may not be rolled, cuffed, or split. Pants may not be worn on the hips. 
• School shirts must be tucked in at all times during the day and must be worn under all outerwear. 
• Baseball caps and hats are not allowed during the school day.  Knit caps are allowed outside only during cold weather.
• Only plain white undershirts can be worn under the school shirt, without any writing on them.  

* The TC logo required on all pants and shorts is a multicolor fiberlok flock and is not to be substituted with any other type/style of logo.  Every logo MUST have direct approval from the school.         
** Any student who has a size 15 shoe or larger, an extremely wide foot, or a medical problem with their feet:  Please contact Mr. Baudier, Assistant Principal/Discipline, at TCH, 235-5711, ext. 102 or e-mail:
• No extreme or distracting hairstyles or colors will be allowed for boys or girls.  This includes hair of two different colors, mohawks, mullets, hair of an unnatural color, extremely spiked hair, or hair that is shaven underneath. Also no lines, dreadlocks, braids/plaits for boys, or feathers are allowed in the hair.
• Boys’ bangs must not be longer than the top of the eyebrows and the back must not be longer than the collar, or over the ears. Hair may not be held in place with the aid of the ears. Hair must be of a moderate length as determined by the school administration.   Males must be clean-shaven each day, with sideburns no longer than the ear lobe. Braids and plaits are not an acceptable male hair style.
• The assistant principal of discipline will determine what is extreme, distracting, or inappropriate for Teurlings Catholic High School. 
• A student may wear one necklace only, with or without a religious medal.  Multiple necklaces are not allowed. 
• Girls may wear one set of earrings (post style) at school and school functions.  No hoops/dangling earrings. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings at school or any school functions.  Band-Aids will not be allowed to cover up a piercing.
• Body piercings that are visible are not allowed, i.e., tongue, lip, nose, etc.
• Tattoos that are visible are not allowed.  
Physical Education Uniforms
P.E. uniforms are required and may be purchased from Teurlings Catholic Physical Education Department. The student’s P.E. instructor will explain proper P.E. attire during the first week of class.

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