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The program of studies at Teurlings Catholic High School is based on the Catholic philosophy of education, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools standards, the requirements of the Department of Education of the State of Louisiana, and the general entrance requirements of colleges, universities, and career training programs.
All Teurlings Catholic students will be required to complete the requirements of the Louisiana University Diploma. Graduation from Teurlings Catholic High School and participation in graduation ceremonies will require:
● A total of 26 units of credit
● Scheduling 7 units per year including a Religious Studies class each year as outlined in the program of studies above.
● Successfully passing a Religious Studies course each year.
● Taking all midterm and final exams (unless exempt).
● Fulfillment of all obligations and commitments, including financial.
● Participation in the Senior Retreat.
● The Principal’s approval.
● Graduates must follow the Louisiana University Curriculum, which provides all courses necessary for admission to
Louisiana colleges and universities.


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