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The scholastic year is divided into four quarters.  The grade for each quarter is based on daily assignments, class participation, quizzes, and tests. (Extra credit work assigned after the end of the quarter is not allowed.)  In the computation of the student's quarter, semester, and final grade, only the one-digit fraction of .5 or greater is automatically rounded to the next higher number.  Semester grades are determined by averaging the two-quarter numerical grades (80%) and the semester exam grade (20%).  The final grade in any course is the average of the two-semester numerical grades.  A numerical average of 70% or better is required to receive credit.  Students who do not meet the attendance requirements will not receive credit for the course.
A 94-100 Excellent 4
B 87-93 Above Average 3
C 78-86 Average 2
D 70-77 Below Average, Passing 1
F BELOW 70 Failing Work 0
I   Incomplete Work 0
Grade Point Average
To determine the grade point average, the total number of quality points is divided by the number of courses taken (excluding those courses for which a grade of "Pass/Fail" is given and drivers’ education).  All students’ grades (report cards, transcripts) will be reported on a 4.0 scale.  
Grades for Transfer Students
All final grades are recorded on the transcript as letter grades.  Grades reported in progress as percentage grades will be recorded as percentage grades.  Grades reported in progress as letter grades will be recorded as percentage grades based on the midpoint of each letter category of the Teurlings Catholic grading scale.  The formula for determination of grades is as follows:  Transfer grade X the number of days in the program in a quarter   + Teurlings Catholic grade   X   number of days in a quarter at Teurlings Catholic divided by 45.   Example:  87(16/45) + 70(29/45) = 76.
Homebound Student Grade Policy
Students who are out of school for more than two weeks for serious medical and/or psychological conditions, accident injuries, or surgery may be asked by the Academic Assistant Principal to enter the Homebound program through the public school system. Guidance counselors will work with families to facilitate the process.   Grades for homebound work will be submitted by the local public school system and those grades will be averaged as necessary into the Teurlings Catholic report card grades.
Correspondence, Dual Enrollment and Online Courses
While enrolled at Teurlings Catholic High School, the student may be allowed to take correspondence courses or online courses through an accredited institution to remediate a required course or for elective credit.  Grade level counselors and the assistant principal/academics must approve and those courses are scheduled by the student in addition to the Teurlings Catholic schedule and are completed on the student’s own time.  Teurlings Catholic High School sets the deadline for completion of approved courses. Grades for completion of those courses are assigned by the correspondence or online instructor, not by Teurlings Catholic H.S. faculty.
Students in Dual Enrollment courses receive grades from Teurlings Catholic for the appropriate high school work as well as from the university granting college credit. Grades for those courses are determined by the university criteria. Students are reminded that all Dual Enrollment grades will be included on all future college transcripts and may affect a student’s TOPS status the first semester of college. Students who fail a Dual Enrollment course or who wish to improve a DE grade may do so at their expense by attending a subsequent semester at the university. Dual Enrollment students must follow all guidelines, including those for plagiarism, student dishonesty, and prerequisites, as set by the individual university, as well as all Teurlings Catholic guidelines. Parents and students are responsible for all fees associated with the university credit. Failure to pay fees by university-set deadlines not only results in loss of college credit but may require a schedule adjustment on the TCH campus. Duel Enrollment tuition and fees are set by each university just prior to the start of the school year.  Tuition and fees for DE classes are paid directly to the appropriate university and not to Teurlings Catholic H.S.
Class Ranking
Teurlings Catholic High School ranks its students in deciles.  No individual rank is given.

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