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“The school staff shows dedication to the formation of the entire student. The mission statement is clearly stated, and the faculty, staff, and students live it daily through their commitment to academic excellence, the promotion of extracurricular and athletic involvement, and an active involvement in faith life.”
On February 14-16, 2017, Teurlings Catholic High School participated in the AdvancED Performance Accreditation External Review. After an extensive self-evaluation by stakeholders, including administration, faculty, staff, students, and parents, and evaluation by the AdvancED External Review Team, Teurlings Catholic was recommended to the Accreditation Commission for the distinction of Accreditation for a 5-year term.
The three (3) areas of evaluation included: (1)the impact of teaching and learning on student performance, (2)the capacity of leadership to effect continuous improvement, and (3)the use of available resources to facilitate and support student success. The results of the evaluation are represented in the Index of Education Quality (IEQ). While the AdvancED Network Average is 278.03, Teurlings Catholic is proud to report an IEQ of 348.72.
Reported by the AdvancED External Review team as Powerful Practices:
  • The instructional program and school culture are conducive to student learning.
  • The chancellor, advisory board members, and administrators provide skillful stewardship and ensure efficient management of the organization, its operations, and its resources and foster a positive, safe learning environment.
  • The school demonstrates continued, focused effort toward school improvement.
  • The school leadership provides clear, frequent communication to all stakeholders.
Reported by the AdvancED External Review team as Opportunities for Improvement:
  • Explore creative ways to maintain the "family atmosphere" as the school population increases.
  • Review and refine the documentation of grading policies.
Reported by the AdvancED External Review team as Improvement Priorities:
Refine and document more comprehensive protocols for monitoring, coaching, modeling, and collegial sharing for the purpose of:
-Increasing the use of data-driven instructional strategies and learning activities.
-Providing meaningful feedback.
-Differentiating instruction.
-Integrating technological resources
-Ensuring positive learning outcomes for individuals and subgroups of students.
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