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The Retreat Team is made up juniors and seniors who assist in planning Retreats and Rebel Revivals and are trained to lead small groups at retreats.  Retreat Team members are required to attend all Wednesday Rebel Revivals and Spiritual Renewal Nights.




Colleen Angelle
Emma Berard
Annie Cramer
Celeste Frederick
Anabelle Guidry
Allie Hebert
Brin Laperouse
Gracie Latiolais
Emma-Claire McMath
 Chase Mire
Darby Moreau
Jack Snyder


Grace Angelle
Lillie Ballanco
Gracie Baudoin
Leah Bourque
Sophie Broussard
Lauren Buford
Cade Cormier
Claire Daigle
Camille Farris
 Roan Guidry
Anna Maria Hebert
Emma Howse
 Zata Lanclos
Gabrielle Marino
Caroline Martin
Ruthie Melancon
Lauren Menard
Isabella Menuet
Ella Richard
Amy Saenz
 Ella Salazar
 Gabi Taylor
JP Travasos
Ava Welch