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Definition of Ministry:  the spiritual work or service of any Christian or group of Christians; involves leading Church services and providing spiritual or religious guidance to other people.
The Campus Ministry class consists of a selected team of seniors who work to spread God’s Word on and off campus through retreats, community outreach, and various campus ministry events.  These students are responsible for planning and conducting the TCHS Retreats, Feeder School Retreats, Rebel Revivals, Worship Wednesdays, and various other ministries.
Selections for Campus Ministry Class take place in March.


Campus Ministry 2020-2021 Elective Class
Jackson Andrepont
Catherine Bertholf
Kaden Boulet
Drake Boudreaux
Andres Broussard
Carly Broussard
Mya Broussard
Cameron Cormier
Lauren Delhomme
Abigail Enlund
Payton Godchaux
Sydney Grider
Leah Hulin
Kelcie Latiolais
Annie Melancon
Madi Naquin
Omaree Peltier
Hailey Privat
Kalie Robin
Chapin Stewart
Addison Thibodeaux
Mary Wolf