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Definition of Ministry:  the spiritual work or service of any Christian or group of Christians; involves leading Church services and providing spiritual or religious guidance to other people.
The Campus Ministry class consists of a selected team of seniors who work to spread God’s Word on and off campus through retreats, community outreach, and various campus ministry events.  These students are responsible for planning and conducting the TCHS Retreats, Feeder School Retreats, Rebel Revivals, Worship Wednesdays, and various other ministries.
Selections for Campus Ministry Class take place in March.

Click here for the 2019-2020 TCHS Ministry Schedule 

Campus Ministry Team 2019-2020: Elective Class
Emily Angelle
Haleigh Bordelon
Bradley Boudreaux
Adam Gothreaux
Anna Guidry
Sarah Joubert
Courtney Landry
Stephen Latiolais
Mary Katherine Lavergne
Abby Leger
Catherine Meche
Adeline Miller
Addy Perkins
Brielle Poche
Melanna Sam
Jack Smith
Blair Theriot
Zach Thibodeaux
Zoe Toups