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For the past several years, TCH and volunteer host families have participated in a cultural exchange program through the International Catholic Student Exchange Program. Participation in this program can be a life changing experience as it allows host families and their students as well as our student body, faculty, and staff the opportunity to learn about their way of life and, as an ambassador for their home country, those students bring aspects of their country into our school community.  This cultural exchange allows us to continue to enjoy the extension of our TCH family’s faith throughout the world.
Catholic Student Exchange is a program that gives students and families an opportunity to enrich their lives. Students between 11 and 16 years of age are eligible to participate in this cultural and educational experience.  Latin-American students, who have been thoroughly selected and prepared, arrive in the US in mid October and return to their home in mid December (only for 8 weeks). They have all completed several years of education in English.  All expenses, including air fare, ground transportation, full medical insurance, and spending money, are paid for by each exchange student. While in the U.S., they attend all school and extracurricular activities of host student.
While hosting, the U.S. families continue with their busy everyday activities and share their values, customs and traditions with their guests. These valuable experiences enhance understanding and tolerance of our different cultures.  
Please consider giving your family and school this wondrous opportunity to make new and lasting friendships through our Catholic faith. Your hospitality will make a significant difference in the world.  Please send an email or call us for further information.
A representative from the Catholic Student Exchange Program, Ms. Deann Ponciano, will speak to our students following Mass and Fall Awards on September 1st, 2016.   She will also visit with Religious Studies classes for freshman, sophomore, and junior students on September 14th and 15th.  Generally, this program is targeted to our freshman and sophomore students and families but any family may apply to be hosts.   Please direct any questions regarding this program to the contact listed at the exchange program. 
Please send an email or call us for further information.
         Mariela Obiols                                       Deann Ponciano
          (985) 209-7273                                     (985) 232-3107


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