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Contact Info


Teurlings Catholic High School

139 Teurlings Drive

Lafayette, LA 70501


PHONE: (337) 235-5711


FAX: (337) 234-8057




FACULTY & STAFF EMAIL ADDRESSES: Email addresses are the person's 1st initial and their last name

For example, Michael Boyer would be



Important Phone Number Extensions

(Dial 235-5711 and then the extension below)

Absences and Tardies

Mrs. Tisha Collado

Receptionist (Ext. 100)

Admissions Information

Mrs. Maria Hanes

Admissions Director (Ext. 128)

Advisory Council

Mr. Kevin LeBlanc

Chair (337) 446-4630 or

Alumni Information

Mrs. Aline Norwood

Director of Development (Ext. 105)

Athletic Information

Mr. Sonny Charpentier

Ms. Allison Stroderd

Director of Athletics (Ext. 208)

Athletic Secretary (Ext. 110)


Mrs. Vern Hebert

Cafeteria Manager (232-8861)

Campus Ministry Activities

Mrs. Ramey Badeaux

Campus Minister (Ext. 216)

Curriculum Information

Mrs. Marty Heintz

Assistant Principal /Academics (Ext. 103)

Development/Fundraising/Donations/Memorials/Public Relations/Marketing/Volunteer Groups

Mrs. Aline Norwood

Mrs. Lori Beslin

Director of Development (Ext. 105)

Development Secretary (Ext. 105)


Mr. Bruce Baudier

Assistant Principal / Discipline (Ext. 102)

Financial Information

Mrs. Lisa Taylor

Business Manager (Ext. 109)

Foundation Information

Mrs. Aline Norwood

Director of Development (Ext. 105)

General Information

Mrs. Tisha Collado

Receptionist (Ext. 100)

Guidance Services

Mrs. Anna Proctor

Mrs. Dawn Aucoin

Mr. Milton Rohm

Counselor/Dept. Chair(Ext. 108)

Counselor/Info. Coordinator (Ext. 244)

Counselor (Ext. 114)


Mrs. Toni Dueitt

Librarian (Ext. 107)


Mrs. Maria Hanes

Admissions Director (Ext. 128)

Parking Stickers

Mr. Bruce Baudier

Assistant Principal / Discipline (Ext. 102)

Rebel Academic Backers Club

Mrs. Janet Ray

President  (337) 837-2272 or

Religious Ministry Activities

Theology Classes/Liturgies

Mrs. Ramey Badeaux

Mrs. Josette Surratt

Campus Minister (Ext. 216)

Director of Faith Formation (Ext. 229)

Request To Miss Class Forms

Mr. Bruce Baudier

Assistant Principal / Discipline (Ext. 102)

Spirit Groups

Mrs. Maria Hanes

Moderator (Ext. 128)

Status Enrollment Forms Signed

Mrs. Kathy Dodson

Administrative Secretary (Ext. 101)

Student Activity Information

Mr. Bruce Baudier

Assistant Principal / Discipline (Ext. 102)

Student Records / Transcripts

Mrs. Anna Proctor

Mrs. Daen Aucoin

Guidance/Dept. Chair (Ext. 108)

Counselor/Info. Coordinator (Ext. 244)


Mrs. Leslie Bergeron

Technology Director (Ext. 220)

Teurlings All Sports Club

Mrs. Brandy Quebedeaux

President (337) 754-5841 or


Mr. Bruce Baudier

Assistant Principal / Discipline (Ext. 102)










As a private, Catholic, secondary school, Teurlings Catholic High School receives no funds from the Diocese of Lafayette but operates on tuition, donated services and gifts from benefactors.  Fund interest in the Teurlings Catholic Foundation, a nonprofit corporation, are available to the school to handle pressing needs as diverse as providing tuition assistance for needy students, supplement teacher salaries, and making physical improvements to the school.

Although tuition is the primary source of funding for the daily operation of Teurlings Catholic, it is the financial support of alumnae, present and former parents and grandparents, and other friends that strengthen Teurlings Catholic for today’s students and those yet to come.








A.        Prior to publication, all press releases and news articles must be reviewed by the Development Director.


B.        Prior to publications and/or distribution of documents produced in the name of Teurlings Catholic High School, a copy must be reviewed by the Development Director.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Yearbook

  • Newspaper

  • Literary magazine,

  • Sports programs

  • Special event programs, ads, banners

  • Letters on TCH Letterhead

  • Mass e-mails from any TCHS address

  • Other correspondence to the TCHS family

C.       School Newsletter, Rebelation and other school associated mail-outs


          1.      The parent monthly newsletter, Rebelation, is mailed to the primary parents of the entire student body (secondary parents with different addresses upon request.) Information may be suggested for inclusion of this publication but must be submitted in writing to the Admissions Office by the deadline date.  Items received after deadline will be placed in the newsletter of the following month if applicable.

          2.      According to the publication policy, the Development Office must review all letters and emails of mass distribution.  Once a copy of the letter has been approved and filed in the Development Office, they may be sent.  If necessary, mailing labels obtained from the Administrative Secretary.

          3.      Mail-outs by individual groups of Teurlings Catholic High, e.g., Advisory Council,  RABC, TASC, clubs, sports, classes, capital campaign, etc. are handled by that group.  A copy of the letter should be sent to the Development Office prior to mailing. The TCH office staff does not prepare these mail-outs or deliver them to the post office.  The postage is paid by the group/club.  A purchase order should be completed prior to the mailing date.  An instruction sheet on bulk mailing (250 or more pieces) can be obtained from the Post Office.  Postage for any club, organization, or department will be charged to that account.


 Monthly Newsletter Deadlines 2012-2013

Newsletter Month

Deadline for Articles


August 20


September 17


October 22


December 12


January 22


February 18


March 18


April 22


May 27






Solicitation Policy




It is the responsibility of the Development Office to coordinate all fund raising efforts. So that efficient records may be maintained and the donor is properly acknowledged, a policy for solicitation is necessary. Prior to any fund raising transactions, all persons and organizations that solicit in the name of Teurlings Catholic High School must complete a fund raising project proposal and receive approval from the Director of Development. The Director of Development and Principal reserve the right to limit or refuse a proposed solicitation.




The Teurlings Catholic High School Solicitation Policy is as follows:

  1. No individual or business is to be solicited without the concurrence of the Development Office.

  2. Solicited funds must be targeted to a specific project or event that has received the prior approval of the Director of Development and Principal.

  3. Restricted donations must be applied to the area or project specified by the donor unless the donor is contacted by the Director of Development and such permission is granted.

  4. Under no circumstances may the solicitor promise or guarantee any specific returns or favors for the donor's contribution.

  5. All donors should receive a written acknowledgment for the contribution from solicitor within fifteen (15) days of receipt. A copy of the letter/note must be filed in the Development Office on the day that it is mailed. The Development Office sends an IRS acknowledgment in substantial compliance of IRS code Section 170(f)(8)(B) from the school.

  6.      The Development Office will publicize all gifts in the school's newsletter and annual report.
  7. In order to maintain a permanent record of donor history, the following information must be provided to the Development Office:

    1. Name and address of donor

    2. Amount/Vlaue of donation (if applicable, indicate type of in-kind service or item)

    3. Project or Campaign in which the donation was made

    4. Date of the donation

    5. Solicitor's name

  8. In-kind donations, or gifts of property, which might incur additional expenses, must receive approval and permission from the Development Director, Principal and Pastor Board prior to any transaction.





Trademark Policy


Only officially recognized departments, personnel, individuals and groups of Teurlings Catholic are authorized to use the school’s name or logo and only with PRIOR PERMISSION FROM THE TCH DEVELOPMENT OFFICE.  The trademarks of Teurlings Catholic High School may not be distorted, modified, or infringed upon in any way.  Contact the Development Office PRIOR to the design and/or planning of use of school identification on items such as but not limited to:  publications, tee-shirts, websites, documents, letterhead, stickers, decals, or promotional items.    




Student Life



Extracurricular activities are provided by Teurlings Catholic High School to appeal to the interests and needs of the student body. Each student is encouraged to participate in these activities for his or her own enjoyment and development. These after-school activities are numerous and varied. Organizations and clubs include participation in academic activities and projects, fine arts areas, literary work, community service projects, and school spirit. The school encourages its students to participate in at least one extracurricular activity. To become a member of any organization, a student must contact the moderator of that group.




4-H Club

French Club

Literary Rally Team

National Honor Society

Quiz Bowl Team

XL Program

Spanish Club



Service Clubs:

Beta Club

Campus Ministry Club

Diversity Training Team

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Governor's Program on Abstinence

Key Club

Leadership LFT

Rebel Ambassadors

Retreat Team

Student Council

Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)



 Campus Ministry

  1. Enables students to integrate faith with daily living.

  2. Provides for student's need in:

  • Liturgies

  • The Sacrements

  • Prayers

  • Retreats

  • Pastoral counseling

  • Religious education

  1. Offers community services:

  • Retreat Ministry

  • Campus Outreach

  • Community Outreach

  • Pro-Life Ministry

  • Prayer and Worship

  • Good News



Fine Arts:

Art Club

Music Ministry

School Play

Speech and Debate



School Spirit:

Varsity Cheerleaders

Junior Varsity Cheerleaders

Rebel Revue Dance Team






Cross Country









Track & Field (Indoor & Outdoor)









Title I


Louisiana Department of Education Complaint Procedures For the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965


If the Lafayette Parish School System Title I Program is not providing services in accordance with state and federal regulations, a parent may file a complaint in accordance with The Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators, Bulletin 741, Section 349, which is available online at the following website address: http:/ .  Parents may also request a copy of this bulletin by calling the Department’s toll-free number 1-877-453-2721. This bulletin contains detailed procedures established for resolving complaints filed against the Department of Education or a local education agency pursuant to provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, 20 U.S.C.  §6301, et. seq. (ESEA).


Summarized from the above handbook, complaints to the Louisiana department of Education must (1) be in writing and (2) describe a violation of the law or a violation of federal statutes or regulations.

The written complaint must include:

  •  A statement of the violation or a requirement of a pertinent federal statute or regulation;

  • The facts on which the statement is based, including the name of the local education agency;

  • A proposed solution for the problem;

  • The parent’s signature and conflict information;

  • Only violations occurring within the past year.


A parent is notified when a complaint has been received by the department, and complaints will be resolved within 60 days of receiving the complaint, unless the timeline has been extended.  The parent will receive a written decision addressing each violation and will also be informed of the right to request that the Secretary of the United States Department of Education review the decision made by the Louisiana Department of Education.








Interested in employment opportunities at Teurlings Catholic High School? If so, please send a copy of your résumé and references to:


Marty Heintz, Assistant Principal

Teurlings Catholic High School

139 Teurlings Drive

Lafayette, LA 70501






TCH uses RenWeb School Management Software. This program will allow you to access your student's schedule, attendance, or progress at any time. Simply go to , click on Parents Web Login on the left side of the webpage and follow the onscreen instructions. The school ID is TCHS-LA. NOTE: Your email address must match our data entry exactly. If you have changed your email address, please notify and the change will be made. If you experience difficulty with the program and have verified your email address, you may contact Leslie Bergeron, for troubleshooting.


Parent's Login to RenWeb


IMPORTANT NOTE: Teurlings Catholic High prohibits the use of our password protected RenWeb database for personal or business profit. Mass e-mails can only be generated by the school and are intended to benefit our parents and students by providing school related information only. If you receive unsolicited emails that appear to come from the Teurlings Catholic High database, and are not school related, please e-mail that person directly and ask to be removed from their distribution list. Teurlings Catholic High will continually monitor activity using our e-mail database.