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The current school crest was designed in 2018 by a team set out to update and unify our brand in order to better position our school for continued growth. The crest depicts the essence of Teurlings Catholic High School.
  • The Lamp represents truth and wisdom.
  • The Open Book denotes the quality education that Teurlings Catholic provides.
  • The Gavel symbolizes law and order and divides the shield into quadrants.
  • The Wing Foot represents athletics and skill.
  • The Cross with Crown symbolizes religion surrounded by branches of remembrance.
  • The Mantling is ornamental and decorative to the crest.
  • The Scroll on the ribbon carries the name Teurlings Catholic and the year it was established.


This school crest was designed in 1992 by a team of students, faculty representatives, and Jostens representative Mr. Clif Lane.  This crest was used until the new design was implemented in 2019.