Class of 1976




Beth Ackal (Ledet)

Raymond Ancelet

Michelle Bernard (Merryman)

Michael Blakely

Jan Bonnette (Breaux)

Hilton Borne

Elaine Boudreaux (Andrew)

Darrell Bourgeois

Cecil Breaux

Merle Breaux (Broussard)

Scarlet Breaux (Mouton)

Barbara Broussard (Perrodin)

Jeffery Broussard

(Dr.) Richard Broussard

Bryan Caillier

Glen Carbo

Jay Clothier

Tina Constantine (Vidrine)

Roy Couvillion

Pamela Crochet (Prejean)

Tim D'Aurgereau

Judy Davis

Annette Delahoussaye (Sellers)

Phillip Delahoussaye

Paula Delhomme (Antoine)

Terry Delhomme

Gayle DesOrmeaux (Dauterive)

Frank Joe Domingue

Myra Domingue

John Rene Dorsey

Mark Doucet

Betsie Dugas (Davis)

Greg Dugas

John Duhon

Sylvia Duhon (Bourgeois)

Greg Duplechain

Idele Elias (Register)

John Escudé

Vicky Folse

Kent Forestier

Phillip Gann

Danny Gastal

Gerald Gerami, Jr.

Lisa Gianelloni (Patin)

Kyle Gideon

Polly Granger

Anne Guilbeaux (LeBlanc)

Karen Hebert (Bernard)

Mary Lynn Hebert (Thibodeaux)

Nadine Hebert (Bissenberger)

Harmon LaCombe

Nancy Lalonde (Camel)

Liz Landry (Ancelet)

Clyde Lavergne

Robert LeBlanc

Karen Leger (Stagg)

Sherry Longon (Pere)

Michael Lynch

Timothy Marcantel

Mickey Matthews

Suzanne Matthieu (Webre)

(Rev.) Joe McGrath

John Miller

Deanna Naguin (Clay)

(Rev.) Peter Chinh Nguyen

Cindy O'Brien (Labry)

Neal Olivier

Christopher Alan Prejean (June 2009)

Meldridge Reed

Henrietta Resweber (Hilbun)

Brian Sonnier

Cynthia Sylvestor

Pamela Thibodeaux (Fontenot)

Michael Venable


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TCH's 21st school year

TCH's 18th graduation class


School Name: Teurlings Catholic High School

Grades: 7-12

Enrollment: 466 - Seniors (74), Juniors (82), Sophomores (78), Freshmen (93), 8th (69), 7th (70)





Principal: Sister Ann Caroline Stromer



Tony Palermo - Asst. Principal

Mr. Keith Bartlett -

American History

Sr. Mary Jane Bell -

Chemistry, Biology

Mrs. Darlene Braud - Shorthand, Typing, General Business

Mrs. Carolyn Cintron - Algebra I

Deacon Doug Courville - Religion

Mrs. Patricia DeLoach - English

Mrs. Fran Dixon -

Librarian, Reading

Mr. Rod Fuselier -

History, Science, P. E.

Sr. Marie Habetz - Religion, Librarian, Reading

Mr. Louis Hanemann -

World History, Civics, Religion

Mr. Darrell Hebert -

Physical Science, P. E.

Miss Connie Koury -

English IV, Speech

Mrs. Lynette LaCaze - General Business, Bookkeeping, Typing I

Fr. Henry Mancuso -

High School Religion, Geometry

Mrs. Becky McDowell -

English, Girl's P. E.

Mrs. Peggy Patout -

Algebra II, Geometry

Mrs. Carla Richard -

Math, Geometry

Mrs. Pat Romero - English III

Mrs. Carmen Stewart -

English II, Sociology

Fr. Fred Swenson - Religion

Mr. Keith Vincent -

Religion, English, French

Mrs. Judy Dupuis - Secretary

Miss Lou du Bernard - Dietician

Barbara Landry - Cafeteria

Theresa Boudreaux - Cafeteria

Lena Solis - Cafeteria

Bernice Angelle - Cafeteria

Olive Hebert - Cafeteria

Howard Harris - Janitor



School Board Members:












Student Council President: Karen Leger

Student Council:

Greg Duplechain - Vice-President

Nadine Hebert - Recording Secretary

Ann Guilbeaux - Corresponding Secretary

Terry Delhomme - Treasurer

Beth Ackal - Advisor

Lisa Gianelloni - Advisor

David Caillier - Advisor

Jimbo Hebert - Advisor

Neal Olivier - Advisor

Dwain Thomas - Advisor












Homecoming Queen:

Nancy Lalonde


Homecoming Court:

Merle Breaux - First Maid

Beth Ackal - Second Maid

Michelle Bernard - Third Maid

Lisa Langlinais - Junior Maid

Monique Bernard - Junior Maid

Debbie Colligan - Junior Maid

Erin O'Neil - Sophomore Maid

Janet Delahoussaye - Sophomore Maid

















Nancy Lalonde - Head Cheerleader

Merle Breaux

Beth Ackal

Michelle Bernard

Monique Bernard

Debbie Colligan














Dance Squad:

Cindi O'Brien - Captain, Gayle DesOrmeaux - Captain

Carla Sonnier, Lisa Langlinais, Jackie Babineaux, Patti O'Brien,

Melissa Langlinais, Cindy Latiolais, Charla Nunez, Darlene Guidry,

Donna Thibodeaux, Mary Thibodeaux, Liz Webb, Jeanine Dupuis,

Cheryl LeBlanc, Mary Laville, Candy Collet, Annette Roy

Connie Venable, Sandra Landry






Mr. TCH: Gerald Gerami

Miss TCH: Merle Breaux

Mr. Senior: Gerald Gerami

Miss Senior: Merle Breaux

Senior All TCH:

Greg Duplechain

Karen Leger

Suzanne Matthieu

Anne Guilbeaux

Brian Caillier


Top Honor Graduate: Karen Leger


Most Talented:

Myra Domingue & John Escudé


Most Witty:

Betsie Dugas & Clyde Lavergne


Most Feminine:

Paula Delhomme


Most Athletic:

Gerald Gerami


Most Spirited:

Nancy Lalonde & Timothy Marcantel






1st Year of Girl's Volleyball

1st Year of Swim Team

1st Year that girls must wear new uniforms (plaid skirt). The year before (1975) was a transition year and girls could wear either the original red pleated skirt or the new plaid skirt.

Sister Julie McDougall, Principal of Teurlings Catholic from 1964 -1975 passed away during 1975.

The Baccalaureate Mass for the Class of 1976 was held at St. Genevieve Church on May 16, 1976 and their graduation ceremony was the following evening at the Municipal Auditorium (Heymann Center).






Football 1975

Head Coach: Tony Palermo

District: 6-AA

Record: 1-6-2

District Record: 0-4-1

TCH Score Opponent Opp. Score











Northside Jamboree


at Vermilion Catholic

at Cecilia

Catholic - New Iberia (District)

St. John - Plaquemine

at Cathedral Carmel (District)

at Notre Dame (District)

at Erath (District)

Loreauville (District) Homecoming